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A website dedicated to research and communications about the Economics of Disability, Return to Work, Disability Policy, Social Security, SSI, and more.

Welcome to my website After a 36 year career conducting disability research and program studies and evaluations at the Social Security Administration, I have retired and have developed this website so that my research, and other key disability research, is not lost or overlooked.

While retirement is wonderful, I have a lot invested in researching the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs, return to work issues, experimental design, Social Security administrative data, and other related topics and I would like to stay connected to the field and researchers working in this area. I am available for informal research consultation, research review, and mentoring, and would consider part-time employment. I would also be available for consulting, grant/proposal writing, assistance with research design and methodology, and other aspects of disability research. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone if you wish to discuss collaboration or potential employment opportunities.

Meanwhile, feel free to read and/or download any material on this website and to link to this website. I have established a page of links to external research and data resources. Please abide by their copyright and any other restrictions.

Also, if you have pertinent links or other material for posting, please email them to me for consideration as additions to this website.

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