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Home:  2568 Sand Hill Road
               Ellicott City, Md. 21042


Home:  L.Scott.Muller@disabilityeconomics.com


Home:  410-531-6248 or 518-891-3273(summer)
Cell:  410-340-5770


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
     M.A. in Economics, December 1977
     Doctoral Coursework in Economics completed May 1978
         (Major Field: Labor Economics, Minor Field: Econometrics - exams
            passed 1977)

Syracuse University
      B.A. with majors in Economics and Political Science, May 1975


Current Position:  Retired, seeking part-time employment or consulting

Past Positions:

 Senior Economist
   Disability Research Staff
   Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics
   Social Security Administration
   June 1978 - July 2014

 Teaching Assistant
     Department of Economics
     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
     Spring Semester 1978- Instructor in Statistics
     Fall Semesters 1976 and 1977- Recitation Instructor in

 Research Assistant (12/1976-8/1977)
     Carol Hogue
     Department of Biostatistics
     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
     Arjun Adlakha
     Population Laboratories
     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
       (Employed through a grant from the Carolina Population Center)

 Research Assistant (8/1975-8/1976)
     Richard M. Scheffler
     Project on the Economics of Health Manpower
     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 Research Assistant (6/1974-8/1975)
     William G. Johnson
     The Health Studies Program
     The Maxwell School
     Syracuse University


Biography chosen for inclusion in Who's Who in the East

Biography chosen for inclusion in Who's Who in the World

Commissioner's Citations: Individual 9/1993; Team 9/1999; Individual 9/2002; Individual 9/2011;

Deputy Commissioner's Citations: Individual 12/1997; Team 11/1992, 12/1997, 12/2001, and 12/2006

SSA Performance Awards: 7/1982, 3/1986, 3/1988, 3/1989, 11/1989, 6/1990, 12/1990,12/1991, 5/1992, 11/1992, 11/1993, 1/1995, 9/1995, 7/1996, 2/1998, 2/1999, 3/2000, 3/2001, 6/2001, 4/2002, 4/2003, 9/2004, 5/2004, 5/2005, 4/2006, 7/2007, 5/2008, 6/2009, 9/2010, 8/2011, 7/2012, 5/2014

SSA Exemplary Contribution or Service Award: 9/2005, 4/2006, 6/2007, 7/2012

Herbert H. Lehman Graduate Fellowship, Department of Regents, State of New York

New York State Regent's Scholarship

Dean's List Syracuse University


American Economic Association

National Academy of Social Insurance


With Nancy Early and Justin Ronca “Veterans Who Apply for Social Security Disabled- Worker Benefits After Receiving a Department of Veterans Affairs Rating of “Total Disability” for Service-Connected Impairments: Characteristics and Outcomes”
Social Security Bulletin, Vol.74 No. 3, 2014 (download)

"The Effects of Wage Indexing on Social Security Disability Benefits"
Paper presented at the Fall Research Conference of the Association for Public Policy
Analysis and Management Washington, DC 11/10/2007
Published: Social Security Bulletin Vol. 68 #3, 2008 (download)

With Brett O’Hara and John Kearney, "Trends in the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Programs" SSA Publication No. 13-11831 August 2006.(download)

With Robert Weathers, "$1 for $2 Benefit Offset: Exploring the Feasibility of Measuring Induced Entry and Evaluating Potential Project Designs" A series of papers prepared for, and presented to, the Federal Work Incentives Advisory Panel, June 2001
(download: Overview/State Level Design) (download: County Level Design)

"First Findings on O*NET Adequacy and Appropriateness for SSA’s Disability Decisionmaking Process" Working paper, May 1999 (download)

With Peter M. Wheeler, "Disability Program Growth: Results from Social Security's Survey of Field Office Managers," Paper presented at the SSA/ASPE Conference on Growth in SSA's Disability Programs, Washington D.C., July 20-21 1995. Published in Growth in Disability Benefits: Explanations and Policy Implications. Rupp, K. and Stapleton, D., Editors. W. E. Upjohn Institute. 1998. (download)

With Peter M. Wheeler, "Disability Program Growth and Implications for Vocational Rehabilitation: Results from Social Security's Survey of Field Office Managers," Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation Issue 7, 1996 (download)

With Charles Scott and Barry Bye, "Labor Force Participation and Earnings of SSI Disability Recipients: A Pooled Cross-sectional Time Series Approach to the Behavior of Individuals," Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 59 #1, Spring 1996 (download)

With John Hennessey, "The Effect of Vocational Rehabilitation and Work Incentives on Helping the Disabled-Worker Beneficiary Back to Work," Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 58 #1, Spring 1995 (download)

With John Hennessey, "Work Efforts of Disabled-Worker Beneficiaries: Preliminary Findings from the New Beneficiary Follow-up Survey," Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 57 #3, Fall 1994 (download)

"Disability Beneficiaries Who Work and Their Experience Under Program Work Incentives," Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 55 #2, Summer 1992 (download)

"Forging Linkages Modifying Disability Benefits to Encourage Employment (Book Review)" Social Security Bulletin, October 1990. (download)

"Health Insurance Coverage Among Recently Entitled Disability Insurance Beneficiaries: Findings from the New Beneficiary Survey" Social Security Bulletin, November 1989. (download)

"Report on the Effect of the Purchase of Medical Evidence of Record - Section 309

P.L. 96-265 Social Security Amendments of 1980" In Report to Congress on the 1980 Amendments as required by Section 312 of P.L. 96-265, December 1985. (download)

With Aaron Krute and Victoria Hertz, "The Impact of the 1977, 1980 and 1981 Social Security Amendments on Disability Insurance Benefit Amounts" Appendix B to Report to Congress on the 1980 Amendments as required by Section 312 of P.L. 96-265, January 1985. (download)

"The Impact of Local Labor Market Characteristics on the Disability Process," Office of Research and Statistics Working Paper, Number 27, April 1982 (download)

"Receipt of Multiple Benefits by Disabled-Worker Beneficiaries" Office of Research and Statistics Staff Paper Number 40. (download) Also released as ORS Working Paper Number 15. (download) A shortened version of this research appeared under the same title in the Social Security Bulletin, November 1980. (download)

With Mordechai E. Lando, "Replacement of Earnings of he Disabled under Social Security: Levels and Trends 1969-1975," Office of Research and Statistics Research Report Number 53, June 1980. (download)

With Jesse M. Levy and Malcolm B. Coate, "The Family Labor Supply Response to Disabling Conditions," Office of Research and Statistics Working Paper Number 10. Paper presented at the 139th Annual Meeting of the American Statistical Association, Washington D.C. August 16, 1979. (download)

Master's Thesis: "The Effect of Disability on Wages: A Human Capital Approach," University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, December 1977. Solomon Polachek, advisor. download

With Arjun Adlakha and Thomas Hall, "Working Lifetimes of Health Professionals," World Health Statistics Reports. (download)

With Carol Hogue and Allen Wilcox, "Maternal Factors Related to Trends in Neonatal Mortality and Low Birth Weight" Paper presented at the Eighth International Scientific Meeting of the International Epidemiological Association, San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 22, 1977. (download)


Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Experience in web design

Experience with SAS and SPSS



Volunteer, Maryland Department of Corrections, Brockbridge Correctional Facility, working with inmates with alcohol and/or drug problems. (continuously since 1998)


Volunteer and Committee Member, Habitat for Humanity of Howard County.

Howard County, Maryland Government:
   Member, Solid Waste Funding Assessment Board
   Member, Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee
   Member, Alpha Ridge Landfill Citizens Advisory Committee
   Member, Carr’s Mill Landfill Citizens Advisory Committee

Volunteer Maryland Department of Corrections, Jessup Prerelease Unit, working with inmates with alcohol and/or drug problems. (1999-2000)


References provided upon request

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